Friday, May 4, 2012

Pink Wood Derby!

Here is what we were given.  Tasha went online and picked her favorite template for the body.

I was able to cut out the body using the band saw.  

Tasha did most of the sanding using a palm sander and a sanding block.She got help from her Mom in picking the color and painted it all by her self.  

Here is a shot of her polishing the axles to make her car faster.  We got this idea online and she was able to this once I set it up. 

 She attached all the stickers and hand painted the windows.  Next, she sprayed several clear coats of varnish to make it shiny and fast.  The clear coat also helped keep the stickers on.

Here is the final car after the wheels are attached! On the other side of the car is a sticker that says princess. It was fun to help and guide her, but Tasha did most of the work and did an awesome job!                    Wish us luck in the race tonight!