Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amazing Size...

The man of the right is J.J.Watt.  He plays for the Houston Texans.  His size? 6'5", 295 lbs

The man on the left is Yao Ming.  He used to play for the Houston Rockets.  7'6", 310 lbs.

Now I know why I am so short!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A life changing event...

A guy becomes attached to his wallet.  It takes a long time to break them in. (Remember George Costanza and his wallet?) They become part of the family.  It goes everywhere you go.  Don’t ever leave without it, because if you do, you feel like a fish out of water until you are reunited.  It’s like an extra limb, it becomes part of you.  Should you misplace it, or even lose it, it’s like losing your child.    For Christmas, I received a new wallet.  Now, keep in mind that I have had my last family member for about the last decade.  It knew me.  It protected me.  It was part of me.  So, when I received the new wallet, I was surprised.  It was out of the blue and I had not asked for it.  I will be honest; my children had given me a new wallet a couple of years ago.  It was nice but I couldn't bring myself (never really tried) to switch.  I believe it still sits in my dresser drawer.  When I opened the new one this year, you could imagine my anxiety.  What?  Part with old faithful?  Could I even consider it?  I took a couple of days to ponder my dilemma.  After all, this is a bid life altering decision.  The new wallet was very nice and I decided just to try to see what it felt like.  I transferred all my stuff and liked how it looked but it was too fat.  Downsizing was in order.  Do I really need every shoppers card with me at all times?  Could I part with any of it?  As stressful as the decision was, I made the cutbacks necessary.  Suddenly, the wallet felt good.  It fit in my pocket and wasn’t too heavy.   Next was the trial run.  Actually carrying the wallet!  I am happy to say, after a week long test run, I have a slick,  new, very functional new member of my entourage.  Oh tri-fold wallet, how I missed you.  Welcome to the family!